Nurturing Parenting Programs

Nurturing Parenting Programs bring parents and children together for structured weekly sessions over the course of 12–15 weeks. Following an internationally-recognized, evidence-based curriculum, groups address specific needs, including those of parents with babies, parents and teens, fathers seeking to build relationships with their children, and birth and foster parents working to collaborate on childrearing.

Parents learn about child development and effective ways to communicate, developing empathy and practicing new skills in making and enforcing rules and giving praise and encouragement. Children also participate in age appropriate fun and interactive groups, learning the same nurturing skills and communication methods as their parents.

The philosophy of Nurturing Parenting emphasizes the importance of raising children in a warm, trusting and caring household. It is founded on the belief that children who are cared for develop the capacity to trust, care for, and respect themselves, other people and living creatures, and the environment.

The philosophy is founded on seven principles: Feelings of Attachment, Empathy, Nurturing Oneself, Gentle Touch, Discipline, Expressing Feelings, Expectations, and Self-Worth. 

Each session of the Nurturing Program is designed to reinforce one or more of the five Nurturing Parenting Constructs

  • Appropriate Expectations of Children
  • Empathy for Feelings and Needs
  • Non-Violent Discipline with Dignity
  • Appropriate Family Roles
  • Empowering Power and Independence in Parents and Children.