How the Parent-Child Home Program Gets Kids Ready for School

Our Parent-Child Home Program Coordinator, Lydia Brown (center); Program Assistant, Judy (left); and Early Learning Specialist, Guerline (right), were featured in the Massachusetts Parent-Child Home Program October newsletter.  It was a full-circle moment for our PCHP staff, as Lydia was once Guerline’s home visitor and Guerline was once Judy’s home visitor!

Since 2009, Family Nurturing Center has been coordinating the Parent-Child Home Program in Boston, serving over 80 children and their parents each year.

In twice-weekly home sessions, over the course of 23 weeks, an Early Learning Specialist models verbal interaction, reading, and play activities and demonstrates how to use program gifts of books and toys to build language and emergent literacy skills and promote school readiness. Over the course of two years, families acquire a library of children's books and a collection of educational and stimulating toys. 

In FY17, 95% of children completing their second full PCHP cycle (92 total visits) ended the program with an overall average score on the Child's Behavioral Traits measure that indicates school readiness. Lydia attributes their success "to the combination of the great work that the Early Learning Specialists provide to every family and the investment that each parent, or grandparent, makes to complete PCHP." In the near future, Lydia hopes to increase the reach of PCHP to more families across Boston. 

If you're interested in enrolling, contact Lydia Brown at or 857-220-2615.