A Power-ful Story: "Lucia"

During the session on Children's Power and Independence in Family Nurturing Programs, children make Power Vests, and parents make Power Hats - visual reminders about using "Personal Power". 

Family members learn that Personal Power is not about how strong we are. It is about how able we are to use everything we know, everything we feel, and everything we have to meet our needs in positive ways. 

"Lucia," modeling a Power Hate in the photo above, is a first-time mom with a 20-month-old child. She and her daughter are currently living in a shelter, where she saw a flyer about this fall's Crianza Con Cariño (the Nurturing Program in Spanish). 

At Head Start, where her daughter is enrolled, one of the employees (a former FNC Playgroup participant and Parent-Child Home Program Visitor!) encouraged Lucia to attend the 15-session Crianza program. As she looks forward to graduation in January, she shared her thoughts with us: 

"I can say that the program has allowed me to strengthen and gain new parenting skills, by allowing me to understand myself and the needs of my child - and forgive myself if I make a mistake. It's also given me peace to share and hear other moms' struggles and gain, as their stories only strengthen me to fight for my daughter so I can provide her with quality of life. Given I have suffered severely with postpartum depression, I have for the first time since my daughter was born been able to move out of isolation. So the truth is this has been a true blessing, and I am grateful to have participated in such a wonderful program." 

Lucia says she has gained so much, that she wants to volunteer in an upcoming Family Nurturing Program. "It will be a way to reinforce what I am learning here. I will be bringing it to other families and keeping it fresh in my mind for myself." 

Hats off to Lucia for using her Personal Power to help other parents! 

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