"Tuesdays with Stories"

On a typical Tuesday, parents are engaged in Carianza con Cariño, our Nurturing Program in Spanish in Allston-Brighton. Children and parents are playing, reading, and singing together in Playgroups in three neighborhoods. A Welcome Baby Visitor brings a gift bag to a mom living in a Dorchester shelter with her newborn. A little girl and her grandmother anticipate the arrival of their Parent-Child Home Program Visitor. Dads attend an evening Nurturing Fathers' Program Playshop with their children.

YOU - our donors and volunteers - make all of Tuesdays possible. For the next couple of weeks, we'll be sharing Tuesday Stories and photos with you. We invite you to make a donation on any of the Tuesdays that follows for a program need you'd like to meet: 

  •   $30 – Nurturing Program Parent Handbooks for 2 parents
  • $100 – 2 board books for each of 10 Welcome Baby gift bags
  • $135 childcare for the youngest family members while parents and older siblings meet in groups
  • $150 – weekly van transportation so whole families can attend Nurturing Programs together
  • $225 – weekly family-style meal for children, parents, and Nurturing Program facilitator

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